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In accordance with the provisions of Law on Value Added Tax, foreign legal entities who perform the taxable supply of goods and services are required to be registered as a VAT taxpayer in a register kept by the Indirect Taxation Authority with a tax representative based in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The tax representative communicates with the Indirect Taxation Authority on your behalf.

In addition, for foreign legal entities who wish to establish a branch office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we offer the possibility of registering the headquarters of a branch office at our address.

So, you can get the following services in one place:

  • business headquarters registration
  • bookkeeping and
  • tax representation.


Behind every successful businessman there is a good lawyer

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Do you have a dilemma about how to start your own business? What documentation is necessary to establish a company? How to register your business activities as an entrepreneur?

These are just some of the questions that our Legal Service can answer for you.

Once you decide to start your business, in addition to LEGAL services within legal counseling we also provide the following services:

  • drafting various contracts
  • preparation of policies and procedures
  • management of personnel policy
    • drafting of general legal acts, counseling on labor relations, conduct and preparation of disciplinary procedures, representation in legal disputes in Republika Srpska and BiH, through a network of lawyers with whom Profi Nova has signed cooperation agreements
  • collection of contested claims
    • out-of-court collection of claims without commission until the moment of the realized payment
    • legal collection of expenses without legal fees until the moment of the realized payment

These services are especially suitable for clients who are not introduced to local legislative and need to get the answers in an up-to-date and quality manner.


Be adequately informed for major decisions

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Usually when it comes to making strategic decisions, we need to know the value of capital and assets. In these estimates, it is very easy to make a mistake or omission, and therefore in order to avoid omissions this part of the job should be done by a team with experience.

An assessment can be made to the value of all assets and capital, or even some of their parts, and the reasons for which the assessment is necessary are:

  • buying or selling a business, or only one of its parts,
  • investing additional capital,
  • legal transformations and reorganization of a business,
  • fiscal demands and reports,
  • claim conversion to the equity,
  • assessment of legal or contractual indemnity for investors.


Precise and timely reports

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We are the first legal entity authorized by Ministry of Justice of Republika Srpska to provide economics expertise services, in accordance with Statement No. 08.020/704-92/14 of 28 May 2014 .

The most common cases requiring expertise in the field of economics are:

  • compensation of damages;
  • calculation of contracted and statutory default interest rates;
  • calculation of lost profit;
  • calculation of unpaid salaries and other earnings of employees, etc.