Improve your knowledge with conversational English language education

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Regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced in the use of the English language, due to its necessity in today’s business world and private, regular life situations, there is always something new you can learn to supplement your knowledge.

This is precisely why Profi Nova has a NEW product in its educational offering – an ONLINE English language conversational course.

Who is this course for?

  • For those who “don’t have time” to attend a live course, but wish to attend the course online, wherever they are
  • For everyone who wants to persevere in the learning process and perfect their conversation, get rid of fears and awkward situations in conversation in English
  • For small businesses that want to upgrade their most valuable resource – people

What will you learn in this course?

  • You will start to “think” and speak English as fluently as your mother tongue
  • You will acquire active knowledge and a routine that you can use anywhere, both in business and in private conversations
  • You will speak English confidently after just a few lessons

How long does the course last and on which platform is it conducted?

  • Depending on the intensity (the possibility of the candidate/group meeting two, three, or more times a week, the duration of the course also depends, from three months for an intensive course to six months for a regular one)
  • The training is conducted via Zoom meeting and you can access it from your mobile phone or computer
  • Groups are made up of 3-6 participants

What can you expect after completing our ONLINE education?

  • You can expect that your business opportunities will open up much more easily with one of the basic prerequisites for applying for any business position, which is an active knowledge and use of the English language in speech and writing
  • You can use English freely and confidently in your everyday life

If you have read to the end, it means that you are interested in our offer.

Bring a good mood and we are waiting for you at the first FREE OF CHARGE class.